Regular Chocolate Eaters are Smarter…

Nigel Way

Published by: Nigel Way

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy chocolate eggs over Easter – we’ve got the just the excuse for you! According to recent analysis of the eating habits of almost 1,000 people aged from their 20s to their 90s in a long-term US research project, regular chocolate eaters are smarter –  with improved cognitive function – reasoning, memory, attention and language skills. More recently, research from Columbia University also indicates that high-flavanol cocoa can also reverse age-related memory loss too by measuring blood flow in a specific part of the brain.

However, before you rush to the shops to stock up on chocolate eggs, it can be difficult to gauge flavanol levels as they can be affected by the cocoa’s origins and the chocolate-making process. We do however know, that dark chocolate has more flavanols than milk chocolate and white chocolate has none – so stay away from the milky bar and go for the up market dark chocolate instead. Happy Easter to chocoholics everywhere…

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