Potted Smoked Mackerel & Pickled Vegetable Recipe

Published by: Lucy Jonas

Serves – 4 portions depending on the size of your pots

Difficulty –  4/10


For the potted mackerel:
salt & cracked black pepper
6 fillets smoked mackerel
1 Tsp. fresh grated horseradish
1 Tbsp. crème fraiche
1/2 Tsp. chopped parsley
1/2 Tsp. chopped dill
½ shallot minced
½ block of butter

For the pickled vegetables:
1 Sprig of tarragon
1/2 shallot minced
1 cup white wine vinegar
½ cup honey
½  cup of sugar
pinch salt
½ bulb fennel shaved thinly
1 small carrot peeled into ribbons
1 shallot cut into rings
half stick of celery thinly sliced


MethodFor the pickled vegetables:

  • Place all of the prepared vegetables into a container.
  • Place all other ingredients into a saucepan and bring to the boil
  • Pour over the vegetables and cover.
  • Leave to pickle at room temperature until cool

For the potted mackerel:

  • Pick the mackerel meat away from the skin and transfer to a mixing bowl
  • Mix the mackerel, horseradish, crème fraiche, parsley, dill and minced shallot together. Season with more salt and pepper to taste, mix thoroughly and put the mix into ramekins
  • Melt half a block of salted butter and once melted, leave to sit for a minute, then skim  the clear golden liquid off the top, gently pour this on top of the mackerel (just enough to cover the surface)
  • Refrigerate until butter sets

Serve with your pickled vegetables and ideally some toasted sourdough bread.


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